Cat Attachment Solutions

This website had two possible paths forward: one that generated more leads, or one where it reached end of the road. The client was looking for ways to optimize the site and add even more educational information for customers—without sacrificing lead funnels, of course. The bottom line: it needed to generate more leads, or else risk shutdown.

Responsibilities: Planning and strategy, research, user experience, content strategy, design, ongoing analytics.

1. Research & Strategy

One set of products was chosen as the focus during the initial redesign project. The team had previously had success with customer “selector tools” designed to help determine which models they needed. After an extensive review of existing site analytics, an A/B testing plan was set up in coordination with the existing paid media strategy in order to formulate the best design strategies for each component, both individually and holistically.

2. Design

Only three pages of the site would be redesigned for the tests, so efforts were made to keep the new designs similar to the existing site, leveraging site elements for a streamlined programming effort. That meant that the new design for the customer “selector tool” would also need to adhere to the same simplistic approach. The end result was a subtle shift with only two new design elements, with a focus on reorganizing the content and the strategic placement of CTAs.

3. Development & Testing

The new pages were developed “off the grid” in order to test them against the existing template for usability and effectiveness as a conversion funnel. The first round of testing conducted after soft launch confirmed that the old pages were outperforming the new pages. Behavior flow analysis showed that while the new “selector tool” converted at a much higher rate (25% vs. 10%), a single CTA in the design was cannibalizing the conversion funnels. The CTA was removed, and the paid media traffic was adjusted to diversify the landing page experience. When the results of the second round of testing came in, the new pages had doubled the number of conversions.

Results for Q1 after launch


% increase in leads (even with a reduced media spend)


% decrease in overall cost per lead (a savings of over $17k per lead)


% lead-to-sale conversion rate

Results for the First Year


$ in attributed sales (up from approx. $100k)

The success of this project sparked three more product updates for the site, as well as a cloned version of the redesigned portions of the site for South America.