Elderwood Senior Care

The company had evolved beyond its website—and it was time to play catch-up. With a consistent expansion of services and locations, certain elements of the original functionality would no longer properly support the site’s growing infrastructure. A number of client-driven requests had also slowly brought the site out of alignment with best practices. And with better content engagement and lead generation a client priority, a long-lasting solution was needed to avoid future rebuilds.

Responsibilities: Planning and strategy, research, user experience, content strategy, design and design collaboration, front-end development collaboration, ongoing analytics.

1. Research & Strategy

The client was provided with multiple options that combined best practices, client requests, and future-proofing solutions. The pros and cons of each approach were clearly outlined and carefully explained over the course of numerous meetings. Ultimately, the client chose the team’s recommendation, which included a custom-built database and integration with Google Maps API. This allowed for the approval of numerous other related recommendations that would prove beneficial to the both the effort at hand and site’s overall health.

2. Design & Development

Years of consistent analytics reviews and other market research had provide deep user insight for the design revisions. A much larger and integrated interactive Google map was added to the Locations page, and the filtering capability for the list of locations below was simplified to state selection. Lists of relevant locations were automated throughout the rest of the site, giving users a direct line to the facilities that interested them. The main navigation and mobile menu were also slightly redesigned and reorganized to create more user coherence.

Results after Launch

(Year over Year)


% increase in pages per session


% increase in session duration


% increase in Contact Us submissions


% increase in Schedule a Tour requests


smallest % increase in unique pageviews for facility pages


largest % increase in unique pageviews for facility pages

As the budget did not allow for formal testing procedures, the most interesting result of this project was the team’s discovery of a way to “test without testing,” setting up optimization recommendations by using depth of knowledge, best practices, and consistent analytics reviews.