Elmwood Village Charter School

The #1-ranked charter school in Buffalo did not have the #1 website. A small, outdated ASP.NET site had long ceased being useful to the staff at EVCS. It wasn’t mobile friendly, it wasn’t user friendly, and it certainly was not capable of conveying what it was like to attend the school—arguably the most important thing they needed it to do.

Responsibilities: Planning and strategy, research, user experience, information architecture, sitemap, content strategy, copywriting and editing, design, development.

1. Research & Strategy

The client was already working on a rebranding of the school, including a new logo design, photography, and the addition of a second campus. Keyword research and competitive audits led the way for information architecture, a new sitemap and a content strategy to guide content development. And the user experience had to maintain a delicate balance between existing and potential students and parents to ensure that all visitors felt their needs would be taken care of—before and after EVCS became their school.

2. Design-Build

In lieu of a flat wireframe and design process, the content was dropped into a bootstrap-style stage site using WordPress, where the entire team could view the content unadorned in a website context, without the distraction of heavy design elements. A simple design approach was employed that maximized the impact of their great new photography, with colors, fonts, and images selected to match their branding. This all-encompassing human element really highlighted the actual experience of the school within the site’s user experience. This process also allowed for a custom page-by-page design, focusing visitors on what makes their charter school special and unique.

Results for the First 14 Months


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