“User experience is THE fundamental objective truth of the internet.”

I’m passionate about creating things that work well for everyone involved—my clients, my team, and the people that use them.

Like a digital sherpa, I am ready to help navigate the climb ahead that must be made, in the only way that it can be completed—together, as a team. (Let’s start climbing.)


“David is the best partner I’ve ever worked with. Full stop. I needed a website for my new business, and David came highly recommended. David is so much more than a website developer. He understands what businesses need out of a website to thrive and generate revenue. While I had a general idea of what I wanted, he had many ideas and suggestions based on his years of experience. In the end, what I initially came to the table with was improved 100 times over, thanks to David’s input and recommendations. I also love that David is an excellent listener and honest about what he thinks will work and not work. Finally, so many times, David went above and beyond to help me figure out issues with my email, call other vendors when we ran into roadblocks, calmed me down when I was freaking out and overwhelmed, and much more. If you’re launching a new business and need a website, David is your guy. Also, he’s hilarious and an absolute joy to talk to. I’ll genuinely miss working with him!” —Kelly Butler. Start Date Career Services, Owner

“David Cloyd brings unparalleled energy and insight to all things product and UX. From user experience and design to engineering and entrepreneurship, Dave gets things done. The energy he brings to team collaboration always helped us consider new ideas, new designs, user experience insights, see new angles on data, knocked business analysis out of the park effortlessly and every step of the way had a deep understanding of our choices on every other team. Not only was he a never-ending source of help and insight but he did with heart and a smile and one of the many reasons we all loved coming to work every day. I highly recommend Dave as a user experience and product management professional. He will surely bring success to every team and every person he works with.” —Kurt Stangl, Head of Product

“It is difficult to come up with enough of the right words to fully describe David’s skillset, work ethic, as well as his all around awesomeness. He is highly skilled at his craft, and by craft I mean art. Projects that he works on evolve until they come together seamlessly, simply, and well crafted. There is a care and understanding, in his approach that is unmatched in today’s workplace. He works passionately to design the user experience so that it works, makes sense, and invites the user to use powerful features, simply. Many times David would explain what we needed to do and think about, well before anyone else would finally realize that he was right. He has a way of being right before everyone else knows he is right. It is an instinct. He is willing to go the extra mile, to get things right, and on time. Not only does he have superior UX and UI skills, he’s a great teammate always willing to take on extra to help a team succeed. He’s willing to get uncomfortable and try new things or something outside his wheelhouse, and it always ends up successfully. Beyond that he is a good guy, and someone you can talk to. I am happy to have worked with him and can’t say enough about how much I have appreciated him as a teammate and friend! He earns my highest recommendation!” —Will Kerber, Chief Technical Officer

“David is absolutely an inspiring human being and it was my honor to work alongside him at Pointman. He brings a high-level of passion, energy and enthusiasm to everything he does. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about User Experience, User Testing, Site Optimization and User-Centered Design. David is also a life-long learner, and in the time we worked together he learned the basics of building Web Apps, Javascript, Software Engineering and Product Management (it’s been an incredibly busy 2 years). I am so thankful to have gone on this journey together with him at Pointman, and I know he is going to continue doing incredible things where ever he goes next.” —Denise Nadal, Product and Design

“I worked with David for nearly 3 years and learned so much from him . . . He brings so much value to the web strategy, implementation and post-launch optimization of any digital project. And his ability to see the big picture from all angles—designer, developer and end user—inevitably makes the final product better.” —Cameron Macon, Director of Interactive Strategies, Gelia

“What can I say about David—he is extremely passionate, hard-working, talented . . . He brings his ‘A’ game to every conversation and proactively comes up with solutions to best fit the client’s needs . . . [A] thoughtful teammate and I truly enjoy collaborating with him.” —Sean Radlich, Manager, DX at HealthNow